Please note that your dancer will be placed in the appropriate class based on age and ability.

Please use the information below as a general guide:

Saturday Mornings:

  • 3's: 3 years old by January 1
  • 4's : 4 years old by January 1
  • 5's: 5 years old by January 1
  • 6's: 6 years old by January 1
  • 7's: 7 years old by January 1
  • Troupe: 8 years old (January 1) and up

Monday Evenings:

  • 8's:  8 years old by Janary 1
  • 9's:  9 years old by January 1
  • 10's: 10 years old by January 1
  • 11's: 11 years old by January 1

Tuesday Evenings:

  • Elites
  • Adapative Dance - For children with physical, developmental, cognative issues of any kind.  Parent (adult) particpation is required.  Focus is on ballet and jazz 
    Age Group: 6 years old (by January 1) through 11 years old
  • All Boys Hip Hop - Must have 1 year experience in Hip Hop   Age Group: Middle School & Up
  • Commercial Hip Hop - Must have 2 years experience in Jazz or Hip Hop  Age Group: Middle School & Up
  • Adult Tap & Jazz Combo  Age Group: 18+


Our levels on Thursday evenings are based primarily on skill and ability.  Thursday evenings are for Middle School and up.

The levels are listed below from the lowest to highest based on skill. There will be times we will split the levels in A's and B's (Advance and Beginner):

  1. Juniors
  2. Junior Seniors
  3. Seniors
  • Adult Hip Hop  Age Group: 18+
  • Middle School and High School Dancers - Pre-Pointe.  You must register for ballet in addition to taking pre-pointe.

*Please inquire about the level and placement for your dancer by clicking on this link https://forms.gle/2n1XopDdvzqaWhVx6 or by emailing Danzationsofparkville@gmail.com


Final Schedule 2019/2020

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